Virtual Theatrical Is For You

On Demand Global Media is instituting a Virtual Theatrical initiative. The Virtual Theatrical program is intended to help preserve and expand the live theatre and performing arts in the new millennium. The Virtual Theatrical program intends to help arts organizations of all levels and all structures. From small community theatres to larger 501(c)(3) organizations to other arts and event organizations.

Virtual Theatrical is here.The Virtual Theatrical program will help regional and smaller theater companies to expand their reach and penerate the national and global audiences. It will permit more revenue to performing arts groups, so they can create more, bigger and better productions. It will give access to a much higher ticket/audience potential. On Demand Global's own Virtual Theatrical program will promote and create live stage productions, which will take advantage of the new digital world. These will not be merely recorded-and-streamed plays - these will be productions intended to combine the best of live theater with a live audience, with digital production, visuals, effects and of course, streaming technology.

There are three parts to the program: (1) streaming theater - here we work with your performing arts company to set up a live stream experience of your original production, and assist in promoting it to the world. This includes technical advice, assistance and promotion, processing of ticket sales, and streaming to an unlimited global audience. (2) Virtual Theatrical affiliate sales - this allows and encourages other performign arts organizations to promote and sell tickets to your events, and it allows your organization to sell the tickets to other productions. The aim is to maximize both audience and revenue across all participating peforming arts groups. (3) On Demand Global is itself producing an ongoing program of live performances designed to develop and display the Virtual Theatrical Program. Season One will be announced soon.

Want to know more? Contact us at the contact page to set up a time to speak with one of our organizers, and join the website Now! - it's free and entitles you to the Virtual Theatrical Newsletter, a free consultation with VT organizers, discounts on tickets to VT productions, and more!